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Thursday, March 18, 2010

March 20th Tea Party Protest

Dear Patriots,

As you know the House/Pelosi is pulling out all their tricks to accomplish the passing of Obamacare. On Tuesday Resistnet partnered with American Grassroots Coalition and the Tea Party Express to sponsor a Code Red Rally in DC. Several thousand attended and visited Reps on Capitol Hill.

This Saturday many are going back.....this is your chance to show up on the day that they hope to pass this debacle. If you can join us in DC we will be sending out more information as we receive the updates on location and times. At this time it is tentatively set for 12:00 Noon.

Either way we need you to continue the calls, faxes, visits to local offices, and spread the word to get as many joining in the effort as possible. We will send out another update soon but we wanted you to have ample time to make your arrangements.

+ + Three key actions

It is vitally important that every Representative and every
Senator hear from their constituents right now. Here are three ways
you can expand your voice...

Action #1 -- Send faxes right now

It is important that members of Congress hear
from as many different constituents as possible.
If you want to use this service to get a message
to your members of Congress and other key
Congressmen, go here to schedule faxes:

(As always, we provide all the information for you to send
your own faxes if you prefer. Just click the above link.)

Action #2 -- Call your Representative

The first key votes will take place in the House -- either on
the Senate bill or on the Slaughter Rule/Reconciliation bill.

Call if you want them to hear your position on this issue:

Rep. Call the Congressional Switchboard (202) 224-3121

Capitol Switchboard: 202-224-3121

For more detailed contact information on your Rep, go here:

Talking Points:

1. I oppose any attempt to avoid a direct vote in the House
on the Senate ObamaCare bill, such as the "Slaughter
Solution" self-extracting rule.

2. Congress should NOT pass any version of the current
ObamaCare bill and should start over with market-based,
cost-saving solutions.

3. I also oppose the abuse of the "reconciliation" rules
to ram ObamaCare through Congress.

Action #3 -- Forward this to your friends

Ask everyone you know to do something today to let their
voice be heard. Forward this message to as many people
as you can.


Be sure to go to ResistNet to network with other grassroots
conservatives and take part in protests and rallies that
are developing right now:

Make your plans for DC!

Darla Dawald, National Director
Visit Patriotic Resistance at: