Is twitter...

Is twitter...
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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tea Party in DC 'Looks for whitest safest places'

Alyona, you didn't call me to even ask me any questions and I wrote the blog you are discussing.

And you also expose yourselves as misinformed and a little racist. Like the buffoon Rachel Maddow, who reported that I live in Maine (I've lived in DC since 1980) you think all the people in the black neighborhoods in my guide, Crestwood, Colonial Village, Shepherd's Park, 16th Street Heights, are the help, not the homeowners, because the houses are so nice.

  • Then this twit says my guide says not to call the many Africans in DC African-Americans because they don't like it. It actually says not to guess where people are from because they don't like it, and you may guess an Eritrean is from Ethiopia, etc., often from a country they have hostilities or border conflicts with.

    If you are going to hire a hostess for looks not brains, surely you can do better?

  • Rofl. As I listen to you I realize you are actually some really retarded bimbo who got your job by flirting with your producer.  You are discussing my list of things that are bad and you say the list includes Nancy Pelosi's and Harry Reid's condos and K Street and the Ritz-Carlton. Poor illiterate twit: it didn't list K Street or the Ritz-Carlton -- Pelosi lives on K Street and Reid lives at the Ritz-Carlton condos.