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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Hypocrites: Tax Avoiding Pro-regressives, a research project

As regular readers of this blog know, I do a more-or-less monthly feature, "They Don't Like Black People," about the demonstrated racist preferences of DC area and other "progressives," from Nancy Pelosi, to Harry Reid, to David Brock, to Rachel Maddow, to David Brock, to Eugene Robinson, to Hillary Clinton, and the other defenders and founders and funders and anchors of MSNBC, Media Matters, the Center for American Progress, the Washington Post, and National Public Radio, who always live in lily white neighborhoods even when they live in cities like DC that are 55% African American, even as they smear their critics as racists.

My most recent objectively-racist hypocrite was Alexander Pires (see previous blog posts) who lives in lily white Foxhall Village at 4401 Q Street NW (pictured below), while making money off a corrupt law suit originally intended to aid victims of discrimination of the federal government now expanded into a slush fund to give any Obama supporter thousands of dollars in welfare.

Mr. Pires also owns a home in Dewey Beach, Delaware, along with Rehoboth (where David Brock once had a vacation home) and Lewes, the vacation play ground of the DC federal overlords on the Atlantic Ocean/Delaware Bay.  Significantly, Delaware has lower income taxes than DC or Maryland, as well as no sales tax.  I know personally a number of liberal Democrats who have gradually fled DC for lower tax Delaware or Florida if their profession or business allowed, after years of voting for higher taxes in DC (or Montgomery County, Maryland).  One friend and former client who was gradually selling his DC real estate and moving to Rehoboth Beach had a CPA advising him on how to prove to DC he was a Delaware resident while he still owned homes in both jurisdictions.  One part of it was to have his car registered in Delaware.  And sure enough, on the day I took the photo above of Pires home at 4401 Q Street NW, the only car visible had Delaware plates (see picture below).

Which raises the question:  how many Leftovers who live and work in DC (or other high tax areas) so they can more effectively oppress the tax serfs and smear their rebellion, maintain a vacation home and claim residency in a lower tax jurisdiction?  Hillary Clinton perhaps pays income tax in upstate New York, not DC, and Media Matters David Brock had a vacation home in Rehoboth Beach and now has one in New England. Any anti-statists who wish to take on researching whether their local or favorite Big Government advocate is not secretly and hypocritically a tax avoiding double dealer, living and working in DC while claiming to be a resident elsewhere, will have my assistance in their research.