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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tea Party Review

MEMO: To contributors (writers, artists/cartoonists, etc.) and other friends of Tea Party Review
We’re putting the June issue together, with the theme “Presidential Campaign 2012.”
Which candidates or potential candidates are worthy of Tea Party support?  Who has the intelligence and the leadership qualities to lead America out of the Obama morass?  Who has a proven record of fighting for Tea Party values?  Who isn’t running or might not run, but should? 
Write (or draw) about your favorite candidates… about the record of candidates on the issues important to you… or about anything related to the 2012 campaign.
And, as always, feel free to write about any issue that would be interesting to our readers.  (See the outline/writers’ guide for the magazine, which is attached to this e-mail.) 
The deadline for the June issue is May 16 – so get moving! 
Oh, and here’s my EDITOR’S CHALLENGE for June: What’s your reaction to that famous picture of President Obama and the crony capitalists of Silicon Valley toasting each other?  What does it tell us about the Information Technology industry or the state of economic freedom in America?  [In case you haven’t seen the shocking photo, here it is: or]
FYI, the theme for the July issue is Patriotism / American Exceptionalism / The Constitution.  Deadline: June 13.
Thanks for your support!  Call or e-mail if you have questions.
-- Steve

Dr. Steven J. Allen (JD, PhD)
Editor, Tea Party Review
main office 703-260-6180