Tax serfs

Tax serfs
It's the stupidity, stupid.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Friday at RightOnLine

At the Friday night RightOnLine dinner Andrew Breitbart used the "l" word, calling himself a libertarian (small l I'd imagine) and saying the tea party and Sarah Palin were not just threats to Democrats but to the Beltway East coast GOP establishment. He said Republican incumbents were un-chivalrous eunuchs willing to watch Palin be raped and smeared in public. Sadly many libertarians are just such eunuchs too.

Earlier in the day he toured the leftover NetRoots Nation conference across the street. I started too, but at almost $400 their fees were just too high. I am not part of the tax predator ruling class.

The leftovers went wild and eventually threw Breitbart out, no doubt afraid he'd find the underage brothel disguised as day care.