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Tax serfs
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Thursday, August 4, 2011

ComeHomeAmerica Blogger predicts Tea Party Caucus will lead to defense cuts

Tea Party crushing Defense Hawks on Military Budget?

That’s the headline from the indispensable Just Foreign Policy. The daily news digest cites two articles of note. First the Atlantic’s Joshua Green quotes Congressman Barney Frank, “The Tea Party people are anti-military spending to a greater extent than establishment Republicans and have a healthy dose of isolationism thanks to American intervention in Iraq and Afghanistan.” The congressman adds, “On this issue, they were a positive force.”
The debt ceiling debate has other positive attributes. Joel Rubin of the anti-nuclear proliferation Ploughshares Fund, writes “It’s worth noting that even though the debt deal has detractors who are concerned that it doesn’t specify the exact defense cuts to be made, this deal is already having an impact on the political debate, as profligate defense spenders are up in arms. There are real spending caps in the deal that, because of perpetual inflation, will reduce the Pentagon’s purchasing power and force cutbacks.”