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Monday, January 2, 2012

The Obama Spam Machine (If You Can't Control the Internet - Yet - then Join the Internet)

"Rick Blaine" is the name used by Humphrey Bogart's character in Casablanca

This sock puppet is one of many that spams the internet hourly 24 hours a day

Most of these are identifiable local Democratic precinct captains simply robotically reposting smear pieces from various George Soros, Podesta brothers, David Brock, Robert Reich, Paul Krugman pap sites

This sock puppet seems to be writing his own spam, which makes one wonder who pays it to work all day.  How many staffers does Cass Sunstein have again?

"Mr. Blaine" also illustrates the intellectual bankruptcy of the Democratic Party.  His counterarguments to this allegedly conservative woman who is questioning Obama's shredding of the Bill of Rights are the typical arguments of Democrats and the Obama regime:  (1) Bush did it too and (2) Shut up, you're white.

Perhaps this is why they need indefinite detention of Americans.  They have to have the legal means to arrest any red, yellow, black or brown libertarians, liberals or unaffiliateds who did not support Bush, and throw them in jail so they cannot organize politically.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Rick Blaine <>
Date: Mon, Jan 2, 2012 at 2:38 PM
Subject: Anatomy of Right-Wing Luna-Dupe Comments
Cc: fran

You have to hand it to right-wing luna-dupes - they certainly throw caution to the wind when making comments.  In the example below little miss "I hate Obama" makes is pretty clear she doesn't like him.  

She begins with "Obama and his cronieswithout naming the "cronies".  Might they be the Koch boys?  They are the ones benefiting most from government policies.  When she doesn't know or care WHO the "cromies" are its just another baseless charge.

She goes on and states her concern that government would "actually detain American citizens for no reason".  Fran is a rank and file Muslim basher so she certainly wouldn't be troubled over their rights regarding detainment, nor would she for most any minority group.  However, she doesn't want white people "detained for no reason".  

So there it is, the matter is civil rights.  But where was she when congress under chimpy bush enacted that right-wing "doublespeak" they mistitled "The Patriot Act" which is an old FBI wish list for the disposal of civil rights?  Most egregiously she cares not the slightest about Section 215, the clause allowing the government to seize property (i.e. computer) without your permission if they decide its needed as part of an open investigation, and secondly to make it federal crime to disclose an ongoing investigation.  So if the FBI shows up at your employer, seized ! your computer, your boss queries you on what happened to that company computer, and your employer terminates you for theft (computer), you are still unable to disclose that the "G men" took the company property because that would disclose a secret investigation.  You might not be able to offer proof the "G men" took the computer so you can't save your job even if you go to court and on top of that if you DO tell on the "G men" you are accused of a federal crime, spend your life savings defending yourself (which you now have no money because you lost your job due to be terminated), and you could end up in prison.

So gee whiz is that a real good law?  And what did republicans do about it?  They went and extended the UnPatriotic Act which violates your civil rights.  

So is Fran concerned about this?  Oh hell no!  First she's too uneducated to know about Section 215 (thank you GOP) and her agenda is pure anti-Obama, and most certainly NOT civil rights.

This person Fran accuses Obama of doing the very same things the bush/cheney cabal did and gave them a free pass while dumping on Obama.  Do you think she has a problem with race perhaps??   Or is she just brain damaged due to drinking the Koolaid?

Here's the list of Right-Wing Characteristics, see how many Fr! an fits into:  

*   They often fly into a rage when merely receiving an article that doesn't fit within their ideology.
*   Everyone not with them is "liberal/socialist/commie/fascists/etc" and therefore an "enemy within".
*   Everything is classified as "Either/Or":  either its this or it must be that with nothing in the middle, its US vs THEM - friendlies or enemies. 
*   Only friendlies (other right-wingers) have the RIGHT to determine who or what is patriotic.  The "enemies", by not being patriotic, have no right to define what is "patriotism".
*   They typically refer to themselves as "Christians" and use the Old Testament to make political points, referring to America as "a Christian nation".  This I personally consider blasphemy.
*   They are intellectually lazy and would rather get the "facts" from a trusted pundit who trumpet their selected ideology rather than fact check for themselves.
*   Typically they respond in slogans as if that provides logic and facts.
*   Falsely claim the Bill of Rights as their own and not for others.  The Koch Brothers have the "1st amendment right" to contribute to their causes as "Free Speech" but George Soros MUST be limited and should not be accorded the same right.
*   Their writings are very poorly written:  punctuation problems, spelling problems, lack of capitalization. no separation of sentences, poorly constructed sentences.  
*   When you challenge them on their slogans and ask for specifics you get no reply.  They go mute.  Interestingly they call everyone else "cowards".
*   When they do respond they go very quickly from annoyed comments, to rage and personal attack with name calling, to threats.  Their responses display increased and progressive hostility.
*   When they post its typically articles where some pundit, driven by rabid ideology, puts out a rant with little or no facts.
*   All comments and responses are vague generalities (i.e. "democrats want to destroy you with taxes" - whatever the hell that means) and various buzzwords (i.e. freedom, liberty).
*   When they do provide facts they are cherry picked leaving out other highly relevant facts.
*   What you get from their responses conforms to talking points and never strays.
*   They show little imagination, clarity of thinking, knowledge of facts, communication skills, or even common decency.


They are low-information voters, depending on others to put out words they can use, who communicate poorly, lack civility, border on paranoid, have no idea what patriotism is, simplify the world into 2 camps of US vs THEM, completely fail to see the world as it is, and most egregiously display rather low IQs.  They don't learn quickly, if anything, rather slowly (the mark of high intelligence is the ability to learn and adjust quickly, and they have no hope of doing that).  Any learning is done via rote by hearing the same concepts presented to them over and over until they have some of the talking points memorized.  

They not just want but actually NEED to be told what to think and who to vote for.  Because they suffer low IQs they offer little if any intellectual curiosity and therefore tend to resent those with intellect and lash out at them, thus explaining their lack of civility.

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Fran F>
Sent: Sunday, January 1, 2012 10:32 PM
Subject: Re: [Hope4America] Obama’s Signing Statement on NDAA: I have the power to detain Americans… but I won’t

If Obama and his cronies actually detain American citizens for no reason, then I think I'm just going to stay where I am.  I still can't believe that there are idiots that actually like this a$$ hole and thinks he is doing a great job and will vote for him again.  If he can find a way to change the number of years he can be in office, I'm sure that he will do it and will be in office indefinitely and we would never get rid of him.  If this is the case God help us all.