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Is twitter...
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Thursday, February 9, 2012

CPAC media awards for Loesch and Atkinsson

Accuracy in Media is giving awards to talk radio host and CNN commentator Dana Loesch, who also edits BigJournalism for Andrew Breitbart and CBS investigative reporter Sharyl Atkinsson, who is virtually the only network reporter outside of FOX to cover the Fast and Furious scandal. Cliff Kincaid, Roger Aronoff, and other Accuracy in the Media long timers are giving a very boring intro. Leftover media types in audience, including Ryan Reilly for Talking Parts Memo and Michael Calderone for Politico. Kincaid just excoriated David Brock and Media Matters for America as purveyors of fake, partisan media criticism. I guess he doesn't know who is in the audience.

Atkinson was attacked by Media Matters yesterday for receiving this award. She was on assignment today and her bureau chief accepted her award. She is donating the monetary component of her award to the family of slain Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

Dana Loesch
 (Andrew Breitbartt is also in the audience).