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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sheriff Paul Babeu for Congress

I am more of an open borders person myself, though everything we do about borders and immigration now is wrong:  illegal aliens and legal resident aliens are registering to vote in American elections when they get drivers licenses (I've had a student from Brazil in DC tell me he voted for Obama); our drug prohibition creates a lucrative black market leading to violent Mexican organized crime; we make it too hard for people to come to the US to work; our Justice Department gives guns to Mexican organized crime as a way of creating a crisis whose Obama regime solution will be more gun control.

All that said, Paul Barbeau seems honest.  He rubs all the right people the wrong way. And he has sex appeal, which I have had various Democrats and neoconservatives tell me is good in a politician (I am not convinced of that).  Maybe send him a check.  The leftards are of course trying to smear, as always.

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Today’s Press Conference

Yesterday, a tabloid article made a number of false allegations about me. Only one was true: I’m gay. Today, I held a press conference to discuss this. I want to be judged on my service: 20 years in the military, two deployments – including one in Iraq, a police officer who has responded to thousands of calls for help, and a Sheriff who has cut response times while reducing my own budget. I hope you will stand with me as we talk about the issues that matter: securing our border and ending the record debt and deficit spending that… Continue reading

It’s time to send a true conservative to Washington, DC

The assault on our country, our constitution and our freedom coming from Washington, DC is unacceptable.
In Arizona, our legislature passed Senate Bill 1070 – to enforce the laws the Federal government won’t enforce – and the Federal government’s solution is to sue our state rather than simply enforcing immigration laws.
Then the Federal government put up signs in Pinal County – which isn’t even a border county but is still the #1 pass through county for drug and human smuggling – warning people to not travel through the area because it is too dangerous.  Again, they do this rather… Continue reading