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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Jonathan Cohn and the New Republic's ideological lies

Jonathan Cohn: Beyond Birth Control: When Religion And Medicine Clash At Hospitals | The New Republic

I have stopped expecting any honest reporting or fact checking from The New Republic given your history, from Shattered Glass to the doctoring of the PDFs of the Ron Paul newsletters. Still I actually skimmed through a recent issue while my iPad was busy uploading some videos and was shocked to see this discussion of Sierra Vista, a town I have visited, that failed to mention that it is mainly an army base. I was then further surprised to see you claim it has one, Catholic, hospital, only, when I visited my best friend when she was there in her 20s living with her army husband, I am pretty sure I went with her to the pharmacy PX to get her birth control pills.

A brief perusal of the Internet reveals that Sierra Vista's population of 43,000 includes 18,000 army base employees and their family members, who are served by the William Bliss Army Hospital. Over a third of Sierra Vista residents are over 44, one suspects, like many people in Arizona, snow birds, no longer likely to be getting pregnant. One suspects that the Army employees and their families have a disproportionately large share of the population of reproductive age, since children and the elderly do not join the military.
I am not surprised by your hilarious failure at basic fact checking. The ideological need to eliminate religious and other independent institutions and prevent the Bill of Rights protections of free speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of association creating any impediment to state socialism is the mission of TNR. Facts are irrelevant.