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Thursday, April 26, 2012

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Thursday, April 26, 2012
22 Reasons to Expect a Financial CrisisThe Economic Collapse Blog runs wonderful articles on bad stuff that is threatening us. I love these articles, because the editor posts links to at least one article that supports his claim. These links are a treasure trove. The editor has a knack for assembling these links into one comprehensive summary. One after another, link...READ MORE

Rodney King Video: Why We Need Lots More Just Like It
Every day, smart phone technology spreads to new users. This is happening all over the world. Every second, one hour of YouTube videos get uploaded. This is just getting started. Smartphones have cameras. These cameras keep getting clearer. Flashback: the Rodney King video. Clear enough. Rodney King Beating – More bloopers are a click away... READ MORE

Trend: Replacing City Employees With Volunteers
How can cities and counties cut costs? Turn over tasks to volunteers. This is happening all over the USA today. This is what Alexis de Tocqueville said was basic to America in the 1830s. It's coming back. It will be possible soon to run the public schools mostly with volunteers and online academies like Khan... READ MORE

Bad Karma: Taxpayers Get Taken for a $193M Ride
Fisker Automotive has released a hybrid car, the Karma. The U.S. government lent the company $193 million to produce it. It gets 50 miles on a single battery charge. Not 50 miles an hour. Fifty miles. It has a 400-horsepower engine. It needs it to charge the battery. It costs over $102,000 in a stripped-down... READ MORE

How Wrong I Was! The Media's Blackout of Ron Paul Continues
I thought that when Rick Santorum quit, that would get Ron Paul into the news. It is now a three-way race. I wrote that the media could no longer pretend that Paul is not running. Google lists only three candidates in its reports. So, that would mean Romney, Gingrich, and Paul. Wrong! In Google's algorithm... READ MORE