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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

National Taxpayers' Union

Dear Bruce:
nturc2010.JPGMany Members of Congress claim to be taxpayer watchdogs, but NTU’s annual Rating of Congress shows you who’s all bark – and who’s got real bite – in the battle against big government. See how your Representative and Senators scored on our latest release!
With a $15 trillion debt and dozens of tax hikes scheduled to kick in automatically at the end of this year, it’s more important than ever to hold Congress accountable for its voting patterns. That’s why NTU evaluates every single vote on fiscal policy in our annual Rating of Congress to see how Representatives and Senators are defending, or offending, overburdened taxpayers like you. By carefully analyzing and weighting 337 House and 234 Senate votes, we’ve separated the “Taxpayers’ Friends” from the “Big Spenders” to show you who’s voting to protect our fiscal future.
The 2010 election saw a wave of fiscal conservatives elected to Congress and it helped to push things in the right direction, but we’ve still got a long way to go. More than 200 of the 535 Representatives and Senators got “F” grades, compared with just 53 that secured an “A.” The average Republican’s score actually dropped by 10 points from a year ago. If we’re going to fix Washington, we’re going to have to demand more from our elected leaders.
Click over to to see the results, hot off the presses this morning!
Your Grassroots Action Team at NTU

P.S. This year’s scores tell an important story: we need to hold Congress accountable.  Please considersupporting NTU today and help us get out the truth about who our real Taxpayer Friends are.