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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Right On Line conference


Among AFP's 2 million grassroots activists, you are one of our most dedicated grassroots leaders. Thank you!
Time after time you and your fellow activists spearhead the fight for economic freedom - calling, emailing, or visiting your state and federal legislators, explaining policy facts in conversations with friends and family, bringing your friends to rallies, tea parties, and bus tour events, making calls using our "Freedom Phone" system, and so much more.
We want to recognize your hard work and dedication, so I'm pleased to announce that AFP has named you as one of our 2012 Champions of Prosperity. There is no financial charge to join this exclusive group. This is just AFP's way of recognizing the value of your personal contributions to the cause of economic freedom and prosperity.
Being a Champion of Prosperity comes with a number of benefits including special offers on registration to AFP's various events and conferences, access to exclusive strategy calls with myself and other influential policy makers, early access to certain new AFP initiatives, and much more!
Your first benefit this year will be a 25% discount on admission to the 2012RightOnline Conference hosted by our sister organization, AFP Foundation, in Las Vegas on June 15-16. RightOnline is an annual conference dedicated to educating grassroots activists on the effective use of online activism, tools, and strategies. Don't miss this year's RightOnline, which will feature online experts like best-selling author Michelle Malkin! More speakers will be announced in the coming weeks.
Click here to register for RightOnline now! Simply enter the discount code "champs2012" on the registration page to receive your 25% discount.
Thank you for all of your hard work, and congratulations on being named one of AFP's 2012 Champions of Prosperity!
Tim Phillips
President, Americans for Prosperity

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