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Saturday, April 7, 2012

True the Vote conference April 27

Don't Miss This Game-changing Event
True the Vote 2012 National Summit
Come See The Future of Election Integrity

Rep. Artur Davis - Former Alabama Congressman | Fellow at Harvard Institute of Politics
James O'Keefe - President, Project Veritas
Patt Caddell - FOX News Contributor | Political Strategist
John Fund - Author of Stealing Elections | Columnist, America Spectator
Christian Adams - Author of Injustice | Publisher, Election Law Center | Former DOJ attorney
Anita MonCrief - ACORN Whistleblower| Publisher, Emerging Corruption
Hans Von Spakovsky - Senior Legal Fellow, The Heritage Foundation | Former Federal Elections Commissioner
Tom Fitton - President, Judicial Watch
When: April 27th and 28th
Where: Houston, Texas