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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Dear Friend of Liberty:
You may remember all the work we did last December to try to stop the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act because of provisions it contained which allowed for the indefinite detention of US citizens by the military in violation of due process and posse comitatus. Supporters of that act tried to hide the offending parts of the bill by changing the section numbers and they denied the intent and the significance of the wording of the problem sections, and they managed to pass it through the House and Senate despite the heroic efforts of leaders like Rep. Justin Amash and Sen. Rand Paul.
Today we have a rare second chance to fix that mistake.
The proof that we were right about the NDAA became conclusive this week. The Federal District Court in New York granted a temporary injunction against the use of the provisions in the bill which allow for indefinite military detention. Apparently the legal experts on the federal bench read the language the same way that we and dozens of pro-liberty groups did. The problem is that the injunction is only temporary.
The permanent solution to this problem is the Smith-Amash amendment (HR4192) which is being debated in the House right now. It will remove the sections from the bill which allow indefinite military detention of our citizens and guarantee the right to a trial and due process. It’s buried among other amendments to the NDAA, some of which make a pretense of fixing this problem, but none of them actually remove military detention from the bill except the Smith-Amash amendment.
The challenge here is that the vote on the Smith-Amash amendment will take place some time Friday, so we need to take action right now. Use our tool to email your Congressman and tell them you want them to stand up for liberty and the Constitution and pass the only amendment which genuinely fixes the problems with the NDAA. No later than Friday morning, please come to our site and use our handy tool to email your Congressman and urge them to support the Smith-Amash bill.
For liberty in our times,
Dave Nalle
National Chairman
Republican Liberty Caucus
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