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Monday, May 28, 2012

Texas Congressional Candidates and the Repeal Pledge

Texas Congressional Candidates and the Repeal Pledge
Fellow Patriot,

When Texas voters head to the polls on Tuesday, they'll be voting in a number of important Congressional primaries.
Below we have highlighted major races for Congress in Texas, noting which candidates have signed the Repeal Pledge and which candidates have not.
Would you take a few minutes out of your holiday weekend to contact the in-contention candidates running for office in these key races in the Lone Star State? Call them yourselves, share on social media, alert those you know in these states. Ask them to go to the link here and sign the Pledge.
We've also highlighted those candidates who have already signed in bold, and you can thank them for taking the Pledge:

Texas Congressional District 4 —  3 Candidates, 1 Pledge Signer

Ralph Hall (R) IncumbentWebsiteEmail972-771-4255
Steve Clark (R)WebsiteFacebookTwitterEmail972-772-8397
Lou Gigliotti (R) SIGNED PLEDGEPlease Thank!FacebookTwitterEmail

Texas Congressional District 11 —  3 Candidates, 1 Pledge Signer

Mike Conaway (R) IncumbentWebsiteFacebookTwitterEmail
Wade Brown (R) SIGNED PLEDGEPlease Thank!FacebookTwitterEmail
Chris Younts (R)WebsiteFacebookTwitterEmail325–500-0942

Texas Congressional District 14 — 9 Candidates, 2 Pledge Signers

John Gay (R)WebsiteFacebookTwitterEmail
Robert Gonzales (R)WebsiteFacebookTwitterEmail
George Harper (R)WebsiteFacebookEmail
Felicia Harris (R) SIGNED PLEDGEPlease Thank!FacebookTwitterEmail281-557-4499
Mark Mansius (R) SIGNED PLEDGEPlease Thank!FacebookTwitterEmail
Jay Old (R)WebsiteFacebookTwitterEmail409-896-5653
Michael Truncale (R)WebsiteFacebookTwitterEmail409-347-8433
Randy Weber (R)WebsiteFacebookTwitterEmail

Texas Congressional District 21 —  3 Candidates, 1 Pledge Signer

Lamar Smith (R) IncumbentWebsiteFacebookTwitterEmail
Richard Mack (R) SIGNED PLEDGEPlease Thank!FacebookTwitterEmail
Richard Morgan (R)WebsiteFacebookTwitterEmail

Texas Congressional District 25 — 8 Candidates, 3 Pledge Signers

Ernie Beltz, Jr. (R)WebsiteFacebookTwitterEmail512-348-7006
Dianne Costa (R) SIGNED PLEDGEPlease Thank!FacebookTwitterEmail210-677-9928
Dave Garrison (R)WebsiteFacebookTwitterEmail512-588-9588
Justin Hewlett (R) SIGNED PLEDGEPlease Thank!FacebookTwitter
Brian Matthews (R)WebsiteFacebookTwitterEmail512-277-5012
Wes Riddle (R) SIGNED PLEDGEPlease Thank!FacebookEmail254-939-5597
Chad Wilbanks (R)WebsiteFacebookEmail
Michael Williams (R)WebsiteFacebookTwitterEmail512-482-0682
Roger Williams (R)WebsiteFacebookTwitterEmail888-797-6437

Texas Congressional District 27 —  3 Candidates, 1 Pledge Signer

Blake Farenthold (R) IncumbentWebsiteFacebookTwitterEmail361-882-5253
John Grunwald (R) SIGNED PLEDGEPlease Thank!Email
Don Al Middelbrook (R)WebsiteFacebookTwitterEmail361-589-1116
Trey Roberts (R)WebsiteFacebookTwitterEmail

Texas Congressional District 36 — 5 Candidates, 0 Pledge Signers

Ky Griffin (R)WebsiteTwitterEmail
Mike Jackson (R)WebsiteFacebookEmail713-589-3614
Kim Morrell (R)WebsiteFacebookTwitterEmail
Steve Stockman (R)WebsiteFacebookEmail
Stephen Takach (R)WebsiteEmail281-427-3185

Again, thank you for all that you are doing to help repeal ObamaCare.
                                                                         Hadley Heath
                                                                         Policy Analyst
                                                                         Independent Women's Voice
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