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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Gary Johnson on SCOTUS


Gov. Mitt Romney’s campaign says they have received $1 million in
contributions since the Supreme Court essentially upheld Obama’s
health care law.

This is the same Mitt Romney who created the template for Obama’s plan in Massachusetts. And the same Mitt Romney who has promised to
appoint more ‘John Roberts’ to the Supreme Court – the same Chief
Justice Roberts who was the pivotal vote to uphold the individual healthcare mandate by calling it a tax.

The irony of Gov. Romney receiving $1 million from people wanting
Obama’s law repealed is unbelievable. Those people need to know there is another choice in November than between a Republican who, until he was running for President, led the way toward the nationalized health care the Court upheld today – and a Democrat who was only too happy to take the Romney health care ball and run with it.

Help us make sure the American people know they have another option.
Go to and make a contribution to the campaign that is fighting for real freedom and getting the government out of our health care and our daily lives.

You and I know there is a better way than to simply replace this
President and his friends in Congress with the same Establishment
Republicans who gave us a bank-busting drug benefit and who have
promised to replace the Democrat national health care with their own

Today’s Supreme Court ruling simply confirms that the government in
Washington has moved us so far away from freedom, liberty, and letting
the marketplace work without government mandates that timid
adjustments and political posturing simply won’t help. We need bold
leadership and a President who is not afraid to do the right thing and
challenge the status quo. I pledge to do just that.

But I need your help. America needs to know there is a better way and
a choice in November that isn’t a half-hearted compromise. And it is
up to us to tell them. We would love to have $1 million land in our
account just because people are angry at the Supreme Court – but it
won’t happen unless friends and supporters like you go to today and make a contribution that will help
us get the message out that freedom and liberty and financial sanity
do not have to be compromised.

Go to, please, and help us show America that we don’t have to stand by and watch as the politicians and their
judges trample the Constitution.

Thank you,

Gov. Gary Johnson

P.S. There is only one candidate for President on the ballot in all 50
states who has NEVER advocated having the government force us to buy something, like health insurance. www.garyjohnson2012